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William Elliot Whitmore - Diggin’ My Grave

Listen/purchase: Second Perception by Ishmael
For fans of experimental/Cascadian black metal:

Though our band broke up, we did finally manage finish our full length and print 50 tapes. It’s gravely depressing that we no longer make music together, but it would be really rad if ya’ll gave it a listen.

When The Media Treats White Suspects And Killers Better Than Black Victicms.









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Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy - Promised Land

Joey Henry with the Farmageddon Family - Horses(Live at Farmfest 2013)

"…and it’s anybody who’s ever fucking died song. It’s a story about burning landscapes and the ghost that haunts you - the ghost that you want to keep with you…"




"I took a 7 week coast to coast road trip after being laid off from Boeing. I didn’t have a camper but realized that being able to pull off the road at a rest or truck stop was the way to go to make the trip affordable. With a few sheets of 1/2” plywood and misc. hardware this is what I came up with. The effort was well worth the time and materials."

great set up!

Yo saddingaround

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Anonymous said: It's not about whether or not they lost their teeth due to human interference, you don't have a right to any part of an animal just because they're gone.

It’s not? Well, quite clearly, we are vegan for very different reasons. I wear this jewelry out of the utmost respect for one of the most awe-inspiring evolutionary feats the world has ever seen. I don’t give a fuck how I look wearing them; these pieces represent a world much greater and more raw than our own - a world I wholeheartedly appreciate and value for what it was.

Gimme some human bones and I’ll wear them for a reason quite unlike the aforementioned.

Anonymous said: Uhhhh those aren't vegan are they?

At one point, they did cast a shadow - however, being that they’re 1.5-28 million years old it’s probable that they weren’t a victim of capitalist bondage. Also, fossils are not directly animal bits. Fossils are created during an irregular decay process.  During decomposition and under rare circumstance, a chemical reaction can take place and certain minerals may seep into the bone, fuse and form a nearly perfect copy of the preexisting bone.

Welp.This fucking happened.Diablo Organics - Megalodon weights with Turquoisehardluckjim @ Hard Luck Body Worx in Fond Du Lac, Wi

This fucking happened.

Diablo Organics - Megalodon weights with Turquoise

hardluckjim @ Hard Luck Body Worx in Fond Du Lac, Wi